Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Five: Cookbooks I Want

At times I can convince myself that I don't really need anymore cookbooks.  I have a 9x9 bookshelf that is more than half full of cookbooks.  I don't really actually use them to cook or bake but I love flipping through them.  Lately though I have been getting the itch to add to my collection.  Here are a few old and new that have caught my eye.

This is brand new and well if you read the blog you know that this is going to be a good one full of recipes. I have since heard the pictures are also amazing. One picture for each recipe. 

I have the original Everyday Food Cookbook and it is one of my favorites.  It is set up by season featuring recipes with foods that are in season for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Again there are plenty of colorful pictures in this cookbook.  The recipes are not too special where you have to go out and get special ingredients but they are unique enough to jazz up dinner.

We love Mexican food.  We love hot, spicy food.  I have a few favorite dishes but I am always looking for more.  This would be the one cuisine where I would like to learn more about in the future.

Have you heard of the momofuku milk bar?  It is a place in New York City and when we lived there I got the occasional sneak peak of some of these delicious desserts.  Christina makes some serious desserts and the creativity is out of this world. 

This is a cookbook that has been out a while but I still want it.  Healthy dishes.  One pot.  You cannot go wrong with that. 


  1. I think I would take all 5 of those cookbooks too! Joy the Baker and Everyday Food Light were already on my list. I have heard good things about Momofuku Milk Bar, and you can never go wrong with Weight Watchers!

  2. Can never get enough cookbooks, but my husband has definitely told me no more for awhile. The momofuku I am hoping someone will buy it for me as a gift. That is the only way I will get it, at least for awhile anyway. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love cook books! I'd love if there was a mexican vegetarian cook book!

  4. Momofuku and Joy the Baker are both on my list as well. But Rick Bayless books are a hard one because his recipes use SO many ingredients that I just can't get in a small town. I gave up on him a long time ago... I also want Country Cooking of Italy by Coleman Andrews - love his books!

    1. I am sad to heat this about Rick. I guess the few recipes I saw in the book that I really liked didn't have anything that jumped out as too crazy. I hate recipes when you have to go out and get special ingredients. I will have to check into the Coleman Andrews books. He is new to me.

  5. Um, I would also happily accept any of those books! :)

  6. With all the blogs reviewing Joy the Baker these past weeks, I just don't think I can resist! Great list~

  7. Ooh I see a few on there I've been coveting as well. Another one I want is the Cookie Dough Lovers Cookbook by the girl behind Love&Olive Oil :)


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