Thursday, April 30, 2015

Olivia: Week 7

We are seven weeks in and I can barely believe it. Is there a way to stop time?  Just for a few weeks I swear.  This week came with so many highs and lows. It honestly feel like more time past than just a mere seven days. 

We had our six week check up at the beginning of the week. Olivia has grown so much. She is now 22.5 inches long and 10lbs 12oz. Everyone is so impressed with her weight gain and development. It makes all of the frequent feedings well worth the effort. I totally think of this as my main responsibility right now and I am beyond overjoyed that everything is going as smooth as it is. I know for many this is not the case and I count my blessings every second that we are doing so well together.  

Of course it isn't always perfect. Saturday she woke up after her morning nap and wouldn't eat.  We played and changed her and tried again about an hour later. Still nothing. She ended up going almost 6 hours without eating. I was super stressed pretty much every minute until she finally ate again, as if nothing ever happened. 

We also got our first round of shots this week.  Goodness I am dreading the next. She is a very content baby and is really only fussy when she needs to be changed or eat. If she is fussy a few snuggles and she is better. However shots are a different story. The second she had the first one it was all screams. Blood curdling screams. And they didn't stop through the second shot or even when it was all over. Later in the evening she wasn't herself, was feverish, and wouldn't sleep. Motherhood is stressful!!

This week has seen many smiles and coos. Yesterday in fact every other second she seemed to be smiling. We had full on gibberish conversations.  I am already dreaming of her talking. (Not that I want her to grow up too soon. And I hope "no" is not in her vocabulary.)

Another huge feat which occurred is that she rolled over. Twice!  She rolled over a few weeks ago but only because she was super mad during tummy time.  This time though she was perfectly content. She has incredible strength for her age. She can hold her head up for minutes during tummy time and it is quite high.  I don't expect a ton of roll overs any time soon as it is still very early for her age but I am pretty sure once it starts she will be going, going, gone.

Until then we are waiting for the warmer temperatures so we can spend more time outside and wear some of our cute dresses.


  1. awwwww what a cutiiiieeee!!! So weird that she just didn't eat-that would totally freak me out too! I guess sometimes kids stuff for no real reason?

  2. Look at all those smiles!! And I can't believe she is almost two months already! Thanks for these updates...I am learning A LOT on what to expect :)


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