Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Cancer Treatment of the Future with Eric Lefkofsky

Cancer is a monster that tricks the body into believing something pretty strange. The defense mechanisms in the body can’t shut down the disease because the cancer tricks it into believing that the cancer is part of the normal function of the body.

When looking at the complexity of the disease, it can be an uphill battle. Eric Lefkofsky is one man who has been working to battle this disease in a big way. He is the co-founder of a major company, as well as the CEO, and this company is changing the way that cancer patients are both treated and diagnosed today. Their approach has used more data through gathering, organizing, and cleaning to better collaborate with various institutions and cancer centers. Through this company, the goal of many is to provide a more personalized therapy and treatment for those with cancer.

Tempus, the name of the company co-founded by Lefkofsky, takes the data and medical records and saves them together in a single location specifically for the use of cancer treatment. His hope specifically is to create a personalized approach to treatment and therapy of various cancer types. By using Tempus, Lefkofsky hopes to change the way that cancer is treated and handled in the future. Using medical research and data analyzation, Tempus works to create a personalized approach to various treatments and therapies.

The data that Tempus uses is both clinical and molecular data. These often consist of things like RNA and DNA makeups of the patient as well as genes that can affect how cancer is treated. Through an analysis and sequencing method, the data is gathered from each patient.

 Lefkofsky mentions his goal to get more people into oncology before working toward the neurological disorders that are the basis for their data collection. Things like personalized vaccines and CRISPR, which stands for clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats. This will eventually provide better treatments for many diseases, especially cancer.

While Tempus is only one of the many ventures that Mr. Lefkofsky has going on in his life. However, it is one of his most significant ventures to date. With several things that happened in his life in the past, he has used his situation to better help others in need. Tempus is only one of the ways that he has done just that.

Along with his business ventures, Lefkofsky also taught at both Northwestern University in the Kellogg School of Management as well as Chicago’s Booth School of Business and Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, which is located in DePaul University. It is true that his education has made quite a mark on society. Luckily, he has used his education to better the world around him.

 His philanthropy has been a huge part of his life, especially in the past few years. With a family foundation that works in several groups, Lefkofsky works hard to help others in need across the globe. Likewise, Tempus has many of the same goals that the co-founder has in his own life. They are working behind the scenes to further the treatment of cancer in patients by personalizing the care for each individual patient. There is no telling what Tempus, along with Lefkofsky, will accomplish in the future, and cancer treatment will never be the same again.

This post was sponsored by Tempus.

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