Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Someone loves me

Aren't they lovely? I have decided that this blog will not become a wedding blog over the next year. However, how could I resist posting these photos. This was the wonderful box that awaited my arrival home from work on Tuesday evening.

I cannot begin to convey the shock of finding these treats at my door step. Aren't they beautiful? Let me tell you that they are equally as delicious to eat. So here I sit watching the Biggest Loser on TV and thoroughly enjoying the strawberries.

I will mention that they were sent anonymously. Whoever you are out there, THANK YOU!


  1. HI EM! IT WAS ME!!! I totally didn't mean to send this annonymously. I actually wrote a nice little message for you, but the website crashed when I was writing it so the company must have lost it! BOO! But they are for you and Jordan from Faiz and I! Glad you like them and CONGRATS again!


  2. I am so happy. Thank you! I thought it might be since I remember you talking about them right? I called the company and they refused to give me the name or state where they came from. They were so good. I love them!

  3. OMG! are you serious? They refused?? hahaha that's absurd! I had a message written! ggrrrr. oh well! it was something to the effect of congratulations on your engagement :) Glad you like them! I was nervous you would be traveling that day, but lucky you weren't!

  4. you got the 2 day stretch this week i was home. thank goodness!


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