Sunday, January 3, 2010

The worst thing in the world

OK I might be a little over dramatic with that statement, but one of the most frustrating things for me when making dinner is not having things come out at the same time. This sounds like an amateur move I know but when you follow directions and plan things accordingly and still the one thing is not done. Really, what do you do? In my case Saturday night dinner was a two course meal. First course, new potatoes and steam broccoli. Second course, roasted chicken. Urg! In goes in the roaster with the special pop-up bottom. I checked the weight, consulted the ever useful Joy of Cooking to get the correct minutes per pound time frame and in goes the chicken. Well I started the potatoes and broccoli to be done when the chicken was suppose to be done and low and behold the pop-up button had not popped up.

I am normally a fan of these little pop-up gadgets. You don't have to mess with a thermometer. I know sometimes they can be faulty so when the time came for the chicken to be done and the pop-up was still down I took the chicken out and flicked the skin around the button. (Sometimes I swear they just get stuck and this works) It remained down so in goes the chicken once more. Another 25 minutes later the pop-button finally popped. So that was our not so enjoyable two course meal.

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