Monday, May 3, 2010

Papa papaya!

Papayas!! This past week was a mad dash to get the honeymoon plans nailed down. Jordan and I had lots of hope that since we traveled so much for work that it would be very simple to plan an elaborate honeymoon itinerary in a country that spoke a language neither of us knew, at least not very well. I am happy to say we are fully booked for an amazing trip to Costa Rica. We ended up using a travel agent and thus passed off all the hard work and stress to someone else.

In the middle of this process though Jordan and I started fantasizing about the wonderful exotic eats we would encounter. I have yet to really research this question but in the weird Asian market we sometimes frequent for fruits and veggies I spotted some papaya.

We were lucky I think knowing nothing about how to pick out a good papaya with the one we got. After getting back to the apartment, Jordan researched when is a papaya ripe and we realized it must change to a yellow color as seen below. Once our papaya was said color, we scraped out the seeds and just ate it like a melon. I thought it was pretty good, but very sweet. Jordan concurred.

I can only begin to imagine what will find us in Costa Rica. My thoughts are as long as its pretty I will try it.

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