Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend misadventures

Everything I expected this weekend was just not meant to be. It was necessarily a bad weekend. I only wish things would have worked out a bit more as I planned. First I made this pumpkin oatmeal for breakfast.

It had pumpkin, almonds, cardamon, and maple syrup. It wasn't bad but I was hoping for something great. It took me a really long time to eat it because about 1/2 way through I was definitely done with it.

Saturday night was suppose to be date night. This was a somewhat last minute thing but we picked a new French restaurant in Madison, CT which opened only about a month ago. I had read great reviews. I guess they were too late because when we showed up at 5:15pm to eat. Yes, it was that early every table was booked for the night. There were two bar stools open but it was right by the door and who wants to eat at the bar for a nice French meal.

We ended up eating at Cafe Allegre right down the road. It was not new to me but new to Jordan. It ended up being a good meal but not nearly as exciting for me. They put us in the corner because clearly we didn't have reservation here either. I was so put out I didn't bother taking pictures.

I spent a lot of time organizing. This is the stack of catalogues from this past week. I cannot help but feel bad for all the trees that suffered from there production. I know it is Christmas time and I love a good look through of catalogues but really....I think it is the 6th LL Bean and the 4th Cabela's. I have no time to go through them all.
The weather was amazing and we definitely made time to fit in a walk. I also attending my first baby shower. Yikes, its a bit scary to think that I know people having babies! More on the baby shower tomorrow.

We also started our first adventure to find bedroom furniture. That did not turn out so well either. It is so expensive but worst than that is that I didn't see a single thing I actually would want to have for many years to come. There was even the " I could live with that" statement. We didn't like a thing we saw and we saw lots and lots. I think we must have looked at 4 different huge stores. Crazy how many furniture stores are on Route 1 in Milford and Orange, CT. I am trying to think of what the next move will be. I went in thinking that I would find something and would just have to get over the fact it was so expensive. Now I just hope I will find something I like.
I cannot believe its Sunday night already. I have a work filled week ahead and a dreaded trip to very, very northern New York. I hope I don't see snow!

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