Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Vacation Detox and WIAW

Let's chat. This week has been crazy. I have been trying to play catch up from last week's vacation and get ready for the holidays.  I think all the to dos got to me and I woke up at 4am yesterday.  It was annoying but very productive.  Is it sick I am kind of happy it happened?  After an hour of organizing mail and sorting the stack of papers cover our kitchen table I had a green smoothie and a cranberry orange muffin.

Lunch all week has been one of these Healthy Choice frozen meals along with some fruit.  Partially because I need to detox from all the rich food of last week and partially because it was the easiest thing to grab in the morning and then heat up at lunch.  I think the pumpkin squash ravioli is my favorite. 

Dinner was baked eggs. Mr. J was coming back from a work trip yesterday and was severely delayed due to the ice storm.  I was on my own for dinner and this is my go to dish. Red sauce, two eggs and cheese.  

I should have gotten the wife of the year award yesterday because not only was I up early and ended up making Mr. J's favorite cookies at Christmas time.  (His grandma always makes these for him but we won't be up to see her this year.)  But I also shoveled the whole driveway before he got back from his trip.  This is after my afternoon conference call ended after three hours and everyone else in the office had left due to the storm. 

It was quite the long day and full of activities.   Mr. J finally got home about 8:30 and we enjoyed the finally episode of Homeland.  No words for the show and wondering what could come next. 

Did you shovel snow yesterday?   


  1. Tell me more about this baked eggs dish.

  2. It's such a busy time of year! Definitely stressful!

  3. I have not done half of what I wanted to do this Christmas. I think I finally finished my Christmas shopping... so much more baking to do. :)


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