Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Edition: Istalately

Last week was a bit of a mad chaos. I am not sure what happened. When I was in the office I had meetings non-stop. Seriously even when I went in early things happened. I was going strong from 7am to 7pm each night and then fell fast asleep once home.  

Mix in a few home improvements and you understand why I only had two blog posts despite my best intentions.  Last weekend we got the couch.  This week we had an electrician come and install some overhead lights and fans.   

The new house only had overhead lights in the kitchen, bathrooms and formal dining area.  The rest of the house was dark.  It wasn't too bad in the summer but with the short winter days even lamps weren't enough to do the trick.  We had three overhead fans with lights put in and rearranged some screwy placed switches.  It has only been four days but the difference is amazing. Unfortunately one of the fans though broke after only 24 hours. Apparently remote control fans are not so reliable. We did a quick exchange this weekend and hopefully all will be up and running again early next week.

Later this week I will post some of the recipes from the weekend.  We made a veggie pot pie Italian style - no peas allowed!

Red Curry Chicken for dinner and this massive breakfast Sunday morning.  Mr. J whips up one mean breakfast. 

I am really hoping next week is a bit less busy.  

In case you missed it here is what I was up to last week:



  1. Sounds like a super busy week. I hope the lights get fixed this week. I feel like the New Year came with just busy times, I have been unable to do more than two posts a week...I am lucky if I even get two up lol! I need to go check that coconut cookie out! Sounds delicious.

  2. Fabulous week of food. I love that your hubby can cook a mean breakfast. My husband can only make an egg sandwich. :)


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