Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We survived the snow and #WIAW

Well, the storm came and went. We got about 18 inches of snow that poor Mr. J had to handle all on his own but we never lost power. In fact we were in some random band in Connecticut that didn't really get much snow after 10 am. There was snow to the west and snow to the east but no snow over us.

This was the nightmare I faced on Sunday afternoon. I thought we had everything we needed for the storm but neglected to get water. Thankfully there was plenty of water.  Unfortunately there were people everywhere. Negotiating a cart and a pregnant belly in a crowd is not my idea of fun. 

We went out again Sunday night for some extra propane at Walmart. It was much less hectic. As a reward I also got a Blizzard.  Oreos are the best and very, very dangerous. 

As for eats during the storm. I woke up super early being anxious with the snow and wind. Because we still had power I quickly turned on the coffee maker and made a green smoothie. I pretty much snacked all morning and forgot to take pictures. There was some toast, and sweet potato tots in the mix. 

Lunch was chicken and wild rice soup with lots of saltines.  Perfect for a snow day. 

And of course a cookie. My afternoon snack also consisted of an apple and cheese cubes. 

Mr. J whipped up this dinner pretty quickly and it was marvelous. It was semi like a dish he ordered at an Italian restaurant a while back. Pork chops with onions and peppers. He also added some garlic bread. I gave him a hard time because I think he used a whole bulb of garlic for our three pieces of toast.  Seriously there must have been as least 4 tablespoons on the cutting board. 

What is your favorite snow day food?  What did you eat Wednesday?


  1. yay! so glad you guys are ok! and that you didn't lose power!

  2. Good thing you didn't lose power!! I'm glad you guys are safe. Stay warm!

  3. Ooo, the chicken & wild rice soup and chocolate chip cookies look so good! The perfect comfort food for frigid weather...Happy Wednesday :)

  4. Glad you survived the storm! Mr J made a wonderful looking dinner---and I really need to make those cookies :)


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