Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bedtime stories

After being inundated by piles of library books a few weeks ago, I took a brief break from reading. With my trip last week I realized I needed something to entertain myself for my flights and layovers. I did a quick search on Barnes and Noble and came up with Sarah’s Keys.

The cover is what first caught my attention. I am one of those people who does judge a book by its cover. The picture looks like it is from the Jardin de Luxemburg in Paris. If not there than some other Parisian park, I love all things Paris so the specific place didn’t really bother me. I was already interested.

The book was about the Occupation of France during the summer of 1942 and a little Jewish girl’s family. Every other chapter is about a modern family who are moving into the apartment of the little Jewish girl.

The book is very interesting and good. I brings out the good (what I love) and bad (what I hate) of the French culture and attitude. Knowing it was about the Occupation you can anticipate that the story line is quite sad. Be prepared to learn about atrocities. The book is fiction but the events really did happen.

I recommend it!

I am in Syracuse for a few days. There is so much snow here it is depressing. I cannot wait to get back to Connecticut. At least there you can see brown grass!


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