Monday, September 26, 2011

Maine's Lobster Shack

If you ever go to Maine...
there is one place I must insist that you visit.

The place is the Lobster Shack.  It is located just down the road from Two Lights State park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. See one of the lighthouses in the background?
The restaurant is much.  You go up the stairs and order out the counter.  Sometimes in the summer the line can be quite long. 
To the left of the counter is about 6 tables for indoor seating.  Most people eat outside.  However there is one danger that looms.  The. Seagulls.  They can be quite dreadful and steal your food.  Be careful. And don't be one of those silly tourist that feed them. You will get dirty looks.

The view is worth the possible seagull attack.  Can you possibly think of a better way to dine?
The food is absolutely amazing too.  This was what I ate... I always get the lobster roll.  You get huge chunks of lobster on a toasted split bun.  But the best part is you can get it with no mayo. That's right just pure lobster in this roll.  I got the boat which comes with french fries.  There is just something so yummy about crinkle fries.  And then there was the cole slaw, sweetened with a bit of pineapple juice.  I cannot eat the stuff but I hear it is delicious.

Of course if you want to work a bit more for your meal you can certainly get a whole lobster.

Others enjoyed fried clams.  I have had this multiple times.  Its delicious!

Mr. J opted for the lobster roll as well.  He got the mayo and a pickle.

If shellfish isn't your thing, haddock is also on the menu.

Shrimp anyone?  Do you see how small they are?  Well, that is true Maine shrimp.  They are itsty, bitsy but packed with flavor.
Now, I ordered the strawberry shortcake.  It is somewhat of a tradition for me to get that so well this weekend was no different.  I split with Mr. J but the rest of the table shared a true Maine dessert.

A little whoopie pie anyone?  Its big, delicious and can feed 6 people if need be.  But really don't you just want one all to yourself?


  1. I just had my first lobster roll this summer. Soooo good! And that whoopie looks amazing!

  2. Wow that lobster roll looks unreal! Making me hungry!

  3. This place looks awesome! The food looks soooo good! Ah what I wouldnt do for a good lobster roll. Here we have NO lobster! miss it!

  4. Now you really have me craving a lobster roll!

  5. My goodness! Look at all that delicious food! I love lobster so if I ever do go to Maine I will most definitely make a stop here

  6. That whoopie pie looks yummy! Looks like you had a lovely day :) Love your blog by the way!

  7. Hey there! Believe it or not - I've actually heard of this place. Sadly, I'm allergic to seafood and shellfish, so I can't even go near it.....dang it.

  8. A final taste of summer just in time for the start of Fall. I love these places..Great view indeed

  9. Lobster is such a New England tradition! I was just hanging out with Jasper White the other day taking lobster rolls!


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