Monday, January 14, 2013

Back to California We Go: LA's Pizzeria Mozza

Saturday we jumped on a nonstop flight from JFK to LAX. Luckily the flight ended up getting in early.  6 hour and 30 minutes on a plane is a long time.  Even with the early arrival we pretty much grabbed the car and off we went for food. 

I had gotten reservations at Pizzeria Mozza.  This pizza place is the works of Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich.  It also happened to be pretty close to where we were staying.  After a long day and crappy food,  it was the perfect meal 
to end on. 

Mr. J got bone marrow al forno.  I had a little taste but it was super rich and tender.  It was served with the most delicious bread and roasted garlic cloves.  I stole the garlic.  We saw three other people order this but the lady next to us was clear weirded out. Her response was "this looks like something my dog would eat."  We offered her the bones.

I needed greens. A big pile of mixed greens was just what I wanted.

Each pizza is made to be eaten by one person at 10". I have been craving pizza forever but always end up ordering something fancy and it doesn't take care of my red sauce cheese pizza need. I had told Mr. J going into tonight that he needed to stop me if I strayed into the non-traditional toppings.  Turns out there were only a few traditional pizzas. 

I got the goat cheese, leek, scallions, and bacon pizza. The smoke from the bacon went nicely with the bitter goat cheese. 

This picture came out awful.  Sorry!
Mr. J got the everything meat pizza.  Toppings included Bacon, salami, fennel sausage, guanciale, tomato & mozzarella.

I wasn't planning on dessert but gelato gets me every time. We ended up with a sundae with caramel gelato, homemade marshmallow sauce and salted peanuts.  We shared this but I kind of wish I had gotten my own. It was so amazing.  

Great first meal in LA!  I cannot wait to see what else this city has to offer.


  1. It's been too long since I stopped by your blog. As a vegetarian, my reaction to that bone marrow would be more like the lady next to you! However, the rest of the meal looks awesome, especially that gorgeous plate of greens. And yay for gelato!

  2. How Cool!! I watch Mario all the time on The Chew. I have heard of this restaurant... what a wonderful dining experience. :)


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