Friday, August 8, 2014

A Quick House Tour

We have lived in the house just under a year. I have been meaning to post more about the house and the projects we have done but there is always just one more thing.  I kind of got over the house never being 100% but then there is the whole clean factor. There is always some spot that just shouldn't be shared. 

I was recently visiting relatives though that haven't seen the house and they insisted I bring some photos.  Since I had them around I thought I would share them with you all.  Here is the front. We got a new front door recently because the original wood one got a huge crack this winter. We are working on painting it yellow.  

Our two car garage sits under the house. 

Around the back we have a huge screened in porch but no deck. We are thinking about putting in a patio and grill area to the right.  

We haven't done too much with the yard except put in a garden.  We weren't sure how it would do since the yard is so shaded. 

It wasn't a complete failure but as you can see we are not bursting at the seams either. We get a handful of tomatoes every so often. We also planted peppers and basil. Its enough but we might reassess next year.   

Here is a view from the other side of the yard. We just over an acre but half of it is woods. 

This is the view from the front door. You can go directly up the stairs or straight to the back of the house. 

The stairs were covered in the most disgusting carpet when we moved it. We removed the carpet and had the wood refinished. I still want to fill the nail holes on the back paneling and paint all the trim white. We have a lot of trim so I haven't been motivated to start. Right now everything is off white. 

To the right of the front door is what we refer to as the pink room. It was bright pink when we bought the house.  We have since painted it brown (Sparrow by BM)

it is a huge open space and we aren't sure what we are going to do with it just yet. I hope to someday have an office portion and get better furniture in it. 

To the left of the front door is the formal dining room. We don't use it too much just yet. This had wall paper which we removed and then painted the walls a light blue. I really hate the light fixture. I want to replace that with something more modern and then get a carpet and some wall decor.  

The other side looks out to the street. We have a mini bar cart going on over there too. You can see we like to pile stuff up in this room.

Here is the back hallway. We have a coat closet, the kitchen pantry and the stairs to the basement from here. 

There is also a little nook to the left that houses a half bath and the door to the screened in porch.

The other direction of the back hallway opens to the kitchen.  I could write all day about our plans for the kitchen.  Definitely a work in progress. 

Just to the left of the kitchen opens into the living room. We spend about 99% of time here and in the kitchen when we are not sleeping.

Here is the other direction. Mr. J is insistent that we need a bigger TV to fill the space. We put in the overhead fan. You can kind of see in this picture that we are in the process of putting in new windows throughout the house. We have 2 in and 24 to go.  Plus all of the trim to do. 

Looking to the back of the house you can see our eat in area of the kitchen. 

Here is a view towards the other side of the house.

Going upstairs we have guest room number one. This is where most visitors stay. We put in new wood floors for this room. 

And guest room number 2. This is the room that has the most work left. We had a bit of a leak in the room this summer and need to repaint the ceiling. 

We haven't gotten the wall paper off. And there needs some patching where we pulled out some built in shelves. We could finish the floors with the shelves. 

There is one full bathroom upstairs. It is insanely big from one side to the next and we are thinking about how to better use the space. 

Forgive the mess of our bedroom.  There is always stuff on the bed. We were in the midst of packing and clothes were spread out. 

From the other side we have our bathroom and dressers. I really hate those shades but am waiting until the windows are done to get something more permanent. 

Across from our room is what we call the closet room. It is the smallest room upstairs but only because there is a huge cedar closet.  It is about 3 feet deep and 9 feet wide. 

Right now Mr. J uses it as a dressing room, man cave and I have a small desk.   I am not sure how this room will end up. It would be a nice size if the closet shrinks to a more normal size. 

And that is all. I hope to have a bit more frequent postings. I did document some before and afters of the projects we have completed thus far and of course we have plenty more to come. 


  1. what a beautiful house! I'm sure it's stressful having so much to do to it but I know it'll turn out perfectly!

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful house!! You have done a lot for it... it looks great. :) Wishing many, many years of happiness in it. :)

  3. Your house is beautiful! You're so fortunate to have basil and tomatoes in your backyard :)

  4. I definitely agree with the commenters above. You have such an adorable home. I love how your house is surrounded by greens. It makes it look harmonious with nature. Is that a circular window or mirror I see on the entrance hall? It looks amazing. I can see lots of decor potential for the spaces. I do hope you get to finish them all, ASAP. Thank you for sharing those pictures. We'll be waiting for future updates. All the best!

    Justin Garrett @ BuzzHomes


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