Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boston's best

Everyone knows that Boston is home to Fenway park. One of the most amazing and historical baseball stadiums in America. I love going to Fenway, enjoying the game, eating a Fenway frank in the ultimate split roll hot dog bun, and watching the Red Sox win. But as much as I love Fenway, Boston has much more to offer.

I am less than two months away from being 25. I have been going to Boston for most of the years I have been alive but until this weekend I have never been to one of most famous and notable restaurants in the area, the Hilltop Steakhouse. This restaurant and now butcher shop has been around for almost 50 years. As you travel down route 1 into Boston you see the distinct building with large cows grazing in the front. Many a times have made this trip to see lines and lines of people waiting for a table. The cows are just as famous as the steak. At one time the students of MIT stole a cow and it now resides in the student campus center in Cambridge. The cows are big and heavy - leave it to the brainy MIT students to figure out how to take such a thing without getting caught.

As you may guess the menu is mostly meat products and more than that mostly beef. As you can see in the picture above the place setting is picture of a cow. You can actually see what part of the cow your dinner is coming from. The atmosphere is causal and you can get a decent meal for relatively little money. There are specials every night and a seafood Friday menu. Our waitress was quite friendly and offered her 25 years worth of experience at the Hilltop before taking our order. I think she was a little taken a back by us, one because I took the place mat before the food came out. (I obviously didn't want to spill on the souvenir. But was scolded when she came with my steak saying "they don't like not having anything there" and quickly brought a new one out.) and two because just as we were being seating Jordan announced that we drove an hour and a half to come. (Just to clarify we came to Boston for another reason and it took 2.5 hours to get there.)

Look out for the showing on the travel channel; the Hilltop has been listed as one of the best steakhouses in America.

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