Sunday, March 7, 2010

Good things come in little packages: Cake Tasting

Planning a Maine wedding in New York is not the easiest thing to do. Add in traveling for work and the whole idea becomes quite stressful. Luckily the people we have been working with have been very lovely and accommodating.

We booked our cake with someone based in Kennebunkport, Maine. Gayle Forte from Let them Eat Cake is delightful to work with. Again trying not to get into too many wedding details, I am going to jump right into the cake tasting portion.

After considering Jordan and my hectic travel schedules were able to pin down a date when we would both be able to sample the cake options. Saturday's mail deliver found this cute little box outside our door.

Neatly packaged the 12 different samples were moist and fresh. Yes, 12 different samples to taste.

This my seem like a wonderful occasion. I thought so too. Then I had 5 samples. The 5 samples translated into a stomach ache. I am a trooper though. With much diligence, I stuck to the task at hand and finished all 12 options.

Jordan and I had quite the process worked out. With mug of milk in hand, we tasted the cake, described what we liked and disliked and then ranked each flavor on a scale of 1-5. In the end only one piece ended on both of our top 3 choices. And what might you ask is the flavor we picked? Well you will just have to wait and come to the wedding to sample yourself.

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  1. Ahh!! It's my first comment on your blog! :D See, I do check regularly...I've loved all of your posts. :) The wedding cake tasting looks super fun and wonderful...I've been meaning to sit down and write you an email, we need to catch up. :) P.S. Thank you for the "save the date"!


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