Monday, September 27, 2010

The last meal

It's Monday and yet again I am preparing for another work trip. Jordan and I are pretty stubburn though of eating a home cook meals on nights when we are both here. Sadly tonight is the only day this week which fits into that category so here we are.

Jordan is in charge of supper and I have gotten him some nice steaks to cook up. He made some yummy mashed potatoes to go with them and it was quite a meal for Monday night. Did you notice our new pretty plates? It has been so much fun to use our new things. Thank you so much for everything. I will post more pictures of some of them soon enough.
Today was wierd. It was somewhat hot and somewhat cool. It was dark and gloomy but didn't rain nearly as much as was predicted. The forecast for tonight is suppose to be getting warmer till morning - very strange.
Our evening plans were to go to Staples cause I had a $3 dollar coupon. I hate to have something like that go to waste we we trucked the 10 minute ride to find something to buy. Jordan wanted a desk but really he just wants another place to put things. It would become the new storage place and we just don't have room. He has wanted an umbrella for quite sometime to use for work. I suggested this cause yes Staples does have umbrellas. After going through each design very intentively he came to the opinion that Staples is probably not the best place to get an umbrella. Since it was getting late we ended up getting a Mr. Clean surface cleaner for the kitchen. This was actually something we needed and with the coupon it only cost $.52. I love a deal and this was one. Oh for Monday night entertainment.

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