Saturday, September 11, 2010

Binge again

Just when I thought all of the feasting was done...

This was the cake Jordan got for my birthday from Take the Cake in Guilford, CT. It was the chocolate coconut cake and boy was it delicious. The chocolate was so rich and the coconut was so tropical. They must have known about Costa Rica because they added the pretty little flower.

The day started off very well intentioned. I decided that since we had be splurging so much with the honeymoon adventures I just wanted a low key dinner of some sushi take out. Jordan decided on some appetizers and soon we were full. The sushi part was a least healthy. All I know is that a tempura fried sweet potato is so divinely delicious. I will probably have to try it again soon.
Today was recovering from the sweetness of the cake and writing thank you notes. My parents swung by to drop off the rest of the wedding gifts and miscellaneous stuff left behind at their house. It was great to go over everything that has happen in the past couple of weeks. It makes me exhausted thinking about it. It is good to be back in the apartment though and just living more planning. Although I must say I am getting excited about decorating with all of our fun new things.

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