Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Canopy Oh My

This is the last of the honeymoon. Although, I miss it dearly I am ready to move on. After all it has been almost a month. Yikes, the time has flown by!

That was the tour guide showing what the perspective of the rider is like. He actually had way more fun than me. It was an alright experience but let me tell you it was HIGH up. I am not scared of heights but I do certainly feel much better with two feet on the ground. I know the whole point is to enjoy the scenery and nature but when even I went for a ride I was looking straight ahead to the destination. This couldn't be more deeper as normally I look to the end goal rather than enjoying the ride for most things in life.

This was Jordan and I together. All of the other rides we were separate but the guide insisted that we try one together. Basically I said yes to this so he would stop asking me to go upside down. Forgive our appearances. It was so so so hot and humid that day even though we were in the shade it felt like 100 degrees. The real temperature was pretty close to that.

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