Thursday, May 21, 2015

Olivia: Week Ten

This is my new favorite picture. And just think if I had actually posted this way back at eight weeks it would not have even existed. She is definitely a Daddy's girl and likes nothing better than to take a snooze on his chest. The photo sums up our lives right now.  Pretty much the same but with a baby. We do things as a family and just have two less adult hands to get the work done. It takes longer but somehow seems so much more enjoyable.

Can I just say too how confusing it is to talk about how old she is by weeks vs. months?  If you go by calendar months it is way different than weeks. Olivia's two month birthday came much faster than I thought. However, I actually corrected someone saying that she was two months when really she was only eight weeks. They were referring to the calendar date. Anyway, these are the things you can think about in the middle of the night. I have gotten some strange looks when it takes me a while to respond to the question "How old is she?"  In my head I am thinking are they asking weeks or months and seconds go by and it feels like an eternity as the person stares blankly at me waiting for an answer. 

Although we are talking about a two month old we are already in 6 month outfits. My long and lean girl continues to grow.  She got a new wrinkle in her thighs and I just want to eat them up. 

We learned she does not like the heat. The two days the other week which soared into the 80's made her a bit fussy. Off came the clothes and she was much better. I am not looking forward to August. 

She is much more alert and wake during the days. It is so fun to interact with her, see the smiles, and have mini conversations.  These times also leave me exhausted.  Some days she barely naps and I am lucky if she goes down for 30 minutes a few times a day. She also cut out her extra stretch of sleeping. No more are the days when she goes down again and sleeps till 9ish. She is normally up and ready for full at 7 am.

She is still squirmy but does like to be held out night. She takes nothing but the best cuddling and knows the second you try to sit down and will have none of it. Overall she is a very content baby and if she wants a few extra snuggles at night it is hard for me to say no. Actually impossible unless we want wailing but I know these days are fleeting and I will take every second I can get. 

My leave from work is ending soon and I am dreading the day when off to day care we will go. Until then our days are filled with story time, songs, walks, and endless outfit changes. 


  1. awww that picture is sooo precious!!!! sounds like Olivia is doing so great <3

  2. She is so sweet. Mason likes his "daddy belly time" (what we call it) - he is in fact, sleeping on his daddy right now. I totally get what you say with months/weeks. I think for most people, weeks gets confusing past 8, so I just say around-abouts of his months. They are at such a fun age though. I love the little smiles and giggles and faces. I was telling my mom-in-law that I probably look crazy when I walk through the grocery store because I am making all these weird faces and noises at him :)

    How long is Miss Olivia? Mason is still pretty short (he takes after me :S). At his two month check up, he had just hit the length his sister was when she was born.

  3. That's just an adorable picture!! She is just too precious. Can't believe it's been ten weeks already. And I have ten weeks to go before meeting my little man. Cant wait eeeek!!

  4. Such a frame worthy photo---so sweet. It sounds like your little family is doing extremely well. Treasure every moment!!! xo


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