Friday, May 15, 2015

What I am reading lately...

Someone told me before I had Olivia that once she was born I would have all sorts of time to read. And I guess in a way it is kind of right. All of those late night feedings give me plenty of time to catch up on FB and Instagram postings. However no way can I read a book at this time. In the past eight weeks I have managed to get through only one. 

My Berlin Kitchen is by Luisa Weiss also blogger for The Wednesday Chef. I had not heard of this blog till I read the book but this is one of the first food blogs around way back when Julie was spreading her adventures with Julia Child via the Internet. My Berlin Kitchen is a collection of short tales from Luisa's life. She was born in Berlin but jetted back and forth between Boston and Germany after her parents divorced. She also lived in Paris and New York City. Each chapter is a story about the locations and people in her life during a particular time and most end with a linked recipe. Kind of like a longer blog post. 

This was actually the perfect post baby book. Each chapter or mini story could be consumed quickly. Thus if I only really got 5 minutes to sit down and read I might actually make it through the one chapter story. I remember the day I did 50 pages at once. It was glorious and hasn't happened since. My favorite part of the book though was the recipes. They all sounded so good and it got me itching to be in the kitchen. To date we have made only one recipe but I hope to tackle more in the coming weeks as I have about 5 others tagged as must make soon. 

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  1. Yes, once you have a baby, it's hard to find the time to read! Looks like an interesting book. I will have to check it out.


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