Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pizza Party, Tummy Time and #WIAW

For some reason this week seems to have dragged on and on and on. I couldn't believe it was only Tuesday yesterday. I guess someone heard my wish to make time slow down. 

Despite the gray and rainy day I opted for a green smoothie. Using the blender when the baby is still sleeping always makes me hold my breath.  So far it doesn't seem to wake her up but I would really hate myself if it did just so I could have a smoothie. 

Lunch was avocado toast with our homemade bread. I started jazzing up the slices even more.  Avocado and hummus is super good and a new favorite is with feta and tomatoes. It looks prettier than the hummus slice too. 

Dinner was an unexpected pizza party when some friends stopped by after work.  Miss Olivia was such a sleepy face all afternoon. Against my better judgement she slept on me and Mr. J on and off for almost 3 hours. During more active hours we played with our animal friends. 

What is your favorite kind of avocado toast?

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  1. eeee I always live in fear of waking a sleeping baby but I know I'll need to suck it up when I have one of my own or nothing will ever get done!


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