Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Updates on Life with A Cup of Joe

Oh my goodness. I blink and months fly by. This is the view from our back door. I love Fall. How did it become Fall already? And although the leaves are a pain to rake up, the leaves are just too beautiful to complain.

I have a whole bunch of updates and thought I would do a brain dump today. So let's sit down with a cup of coffee and do a little chatting.

My little munchkin turned 7 months old. I cannot believe it. She is starting to be much more like a little person than a baby. She has two teeth. The two middle bottom teeth came in at the exact same time. Between those teeth and a cold we had a rough go of it for a while.  Mostly though she claps, talks and laughs all of the time. We also started food. It took about 3 times of hating it before she really loved it.  Now she is a champion eater.  We do lots of pureed veggies of all sorts, bananas and applesauce. Applesauce is the favorite.  She is also a champion of getting food everywhere. I don't even know how she gets food where she does. And despite my best abilities to clean up I still find food dried up on her hours later. Thank goodness for baths. She doesn't crawl yet but can get up on all fours for minutes.  She scoots backwards or rolls over and over again to get where she wants to go. 

I am still trying to figure out this whole mom/work/life balance. I am beginning to think it doesn't exist. Each day I can be one but never can I do all three. There just isn't enough time and in the end I am never satisfied with how I spent my time.  Miss O takes up so much energy and effort; when she is around that is all you can do. Not that it is a tough job; she is so stinking cute. However, multitasking with her only means failures. I have burned lunches; cookies, forgotten about laundry and a bunch of other things that aren't worth mentioning. At this point I know not to even bother. 

We are still having lots of fun though. She can now sit up in the stroller without a car seat. She loves watching everything, especially big kids playing. I cannot wait for our town trick or treat event for Halloween.

Our kitchen is still a work in progress. We slowed down big time once it became function. We are still missing flooring in one of the hallways, our mud bench/storage area is an open nook, the back splash needs installing and we have some painting to do. Overall though it is in great shape and we love it. Now it is just the finishing touches before the little one becomes really mobile. 

So that is pretty much it right now. Busy, busy, busy with work, baby and house. I feel fortunate to have all three no matter how hectic life can get. 


  1. ahhhh I'm sure life is CRAZY busy right now!!! and little Olivia is growing up so fast, what a cutie!

  2. Aw, she is getting SO big (and cute!!!). Yeah, it's hard to balance---but I think you have your priorities right!

  3. This was a great read (and company) on my 5am wake up call. I love that she is growing so well...and getting places on her own terms. And to say I feel you on the work balance thing is an understatement. But the cutest makes their hard jobs easier. Hang in there momma!

  4. AWWWWW! What a cutieeee!
    I feel you on the balancing things... life is a bit different with little ones running around. ;-)


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