Monday, December 7, 2009

Foie Gras Morris-style

I will never scoff again at the disgustingness of the innards that come "neatly" wrapped in plastic inside of a store bought turkey or chicken. It always took all my might to dig deep from within the cavities to remove the neck and gizzards. Well, little did I know that my little experiment in farm bought game meat (ie the duck) would result in the below gifts.

Yes, this looks unsanitary to me too. But after hours online researching how to roast the perfect duck Jordan was also able to find out that duck liver and duck fat are indispensable. The obvious use of liver would be to make Foie gras. Duck fat itself is used to make some of the most delicious tasting French fries around. I was aware of this and even know of a few restaurants that actually make their fries in this manner even though I have never tasted them. I never thought however that I would be the one making them for my first tasting adventure.

Needless to say after the whole fat draining duck roasting experience I was not ready for another adventure into fry making. However, Jordan could not bare to see the beloved liver be tossed in the trash. Simply sauteing the liver in garlic and butter made a very tasty appetizer.

So no it did not turn out to be foie gras....maybe next time. Jordan did like his little appetizer of duck liver and white bread though. Especially since dinner ran about an hour late.

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