Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis the season

One of my family traditions is to build a Gingerbread house. Every year my brother and I would create an edible masterpieces of gingerbread and candy. Now, my mother was not the ambitious one with this project and simply bought a box set of pre-made gingerbread slabs and extra candy decorations. I, by no means hold this against her. I think of all of the years of gingerbread making that was done in my childhood home we only attempted to eat it once. I don't recall be very pleased with the rock solid gingerbread, dried out candy, and pasted like icing.

For us it was the building process which was the most fun so why bother with the laborious task of measuring out perfectly shaped gingerbread in order to make a solid foundation for the house.

This year once again Jordan and I carried on the tradition with this gingerbread house. Jordan however, struggled - his hands are literally the size of the house add in the sticky royal icing and candy and it was quite a challenge.

The only issue we had this year was the chimney. It began when I attached it facing the back of the house. The chimney and the house's condition only got worst as it would not stand up straight and kept ruining our other designs.
Jordan swears that he plans to eat at least the candy this year.

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