Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Apple and Blueberries and WIAW

Wednesday is here. Hump Day! Another busy week has come. Lots of projects to start with and lots of additions. 

I have to say that I am happy July has come and gone with the What I Ate Wednesday theme. I don't think I did all that hot with the Food, Fun, and Fitness theme. My fitness wasn't so great. But here is a new month...Summer Staples. I think today fit right in...lots of berries and veggies fresh from the garden.

Breakfast was the norm smoothie with a mix up of apple juice, frozen banana, spinach and blueberries. I must say blueberries and apple juice is pretty darn good.

Lunch was what I like to call a garden pizza.  Lots of leftover grilled veggies, fresh tomatoes, hot peppers and chicken sausage. 

Our pizzas are starting to look like our nachos, piled high. This one was about an inch thick.  Yikes!  We cut the pizza into 8 slices. I had too and was stuffed.

Dinner was an extra chicken sausage with spicy mustard.  A few cucumber slices, cherry tomatoes, and sweet cherries.  It was pretty random, but quick and easy.

Cookies were in the house. I couldn't resist. Two were consumed post dinner. I wanted more but thought that was a bit extreme.  They are healthy though - at least whole grain filled.

Do you love Wednesdays? 

 What summer staples are you favorite eats?


  1. All of your meals look delicious girl. Could really go for a cookie right about now.. so with that being said, I think I'm gonna go bake :) Thanks lol.

    Enjoy your Wednesday!

  2. Woah! That pizza does look like plate of nachos!

  3. Mmmm...homemade pizza is always the best! Yours looks like a tasty topping combo!

  4. that pizza looks incredible!!!!! i love homemade pizza. always hits the spot :)

  5. Oh my goodness! I want to eat garden pizza with you!


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