Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday's Favorites: Lots of Owls & Then Some

Oh Friday! I love and dread you all at the same time.  I have lots to do today and lots of meetings. That means my to do list is not going to get done.  

My birthday is coming up and well...this favorites list might be is a hint about possible gifts.  Don't worry more will be coming in the next few weeks.

I am a little obsessed with West Elm right now.  And they have a little obsession with owls. I love owls.  This owl mug will hold my morning coffee.  It's a match made of perfection.

Speaking of owls...they also have measuring cups.  Owl face measuring cups.  I want them. Bad.

An awesome social satire about the world of WASPs and a wedding on a small island in Cape Cod (the summer home). It's funny and insightful and disturbing all at once.

I chose it personally for the lobsters and heart on the cover. I had similar designs on my wedding motif.

Place mats with forks and knifes.  Not really my style but super fun, right?  If only it was in blue.  Or pink. 

The other day I got a lovely package in the mail from the folks at Petit Amuse.  They offer similar tasting boxes to the Foodzie subscription boxes.  Petit Amuse, also known as amuse-bouche is a French term that literally means "mouth amusement." 

"We search out the best artisan food producers that you've never heard of and give you a taste of what you didn't even know you were missing."

They are passionate about discovering and promoting products from small food artisans that you won’t find in large retail chains.

The sampling box had four little samples of treats. Two shortbread cookies, a peanut butter granola bar, butter popcorn, and jam all in mini tastes were packed in the the box.

Our favorite was the Garuka bars.  

Garuka bars are all natural energy bars, hand made in small batches in Vermont. They are all natural and made with only 8 ingredients: Vermont raw honey, peanut butter, 7 whole-grain flakes, dried cranberries, brown rice puffs, light brown sugar, whole peanuts, and a teeny tiny bit of Vermont’s own Cabot butter.

Raw honey has been found to be one of the most effective sources of pre-exercise carbohydrates due to it’s readily combustible glucose carbs. Raw honey is also super low on the glycemic index, which means it provides relatively no peak or crash, just long lasting consistent energy. Enjoy Garuka Bars before, during, or after exercise. Primal Energy is ready to be released the instant you need it.

The thought is for $10 you get a sampling of products each month and then you can go to the Marketplace to purchase larger quantities or your favorites. 

The samples really are samples. If you get something you don't care for (ie the jam) you don't feel like you are wasting it. Also see Dislikes.

Variety - we got sweet, salty, snacks, dessert, spread all in one box.

Ability to go back and buy more of your favorite samples.

The samples really are samples.  One or two bites and they are gone for the most part.  Mr. J and I had trouble sharing - the cookies, granola bar (especially the granola bar) and popcorn were really good.  We wanted more right then and there.

The box came with little description of the items. More information is available to subscribers online.  

Disclaimer: The Petit Amuse sample box was provided to me by the folks at Petit Amuse. The thoughts and opinions of this product are 100% my own.


  1. I have a friend that's obsessed with owls. She would love to see this!

  2. Love all the owls!! I think they are the coolest too. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

    PS.. trying to figure out how to get your posts sent to via I don't miss anymore posts.

    1. Hi Ramona! I think I added the email link up above on the right, just below the Pinterest link. Hopefully this will work.

  3. Love the owl mug and am very tempted by the monthly foodie samples, what a treat to get little bits of food fun each month.

  4. How cute is that owl mug! And I love the little sampler you got, looks tasty!


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