Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life on Food Holiday Gift Guide 2012

It is almost Christmas time. Are you done with all of your Christmas shopping? In case you needed a few more suggestions, here are some things I have had my eyes on this year.

  • Warm beverages make me happy.  Lattes are my favorite and I can see plenty of good days ahead with this milk frother.

  • King Arthur Flour has all sorts of cute gift boxes any food would love.  Lots of spices, flours, and extracts. Oh my! 

  • I love giving baked goods all year round. For me the perfect gift for me would be these cute  King Arthur Flour Custom ribbon and gift tags.

  • I really want this Smitten Kitchen cookbook. I read this blog on a regular basis. The photos are amazing I can see this also playing as coffee table book. 


  1. These are expensive gifts for a holiday. And its quite impressive. You might also interested in this special deals at

  2. Hope Santa brings you everything you want this year. :)


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