Saturday, December 1, 2012

Weekend Edition: Savannah and Charleston

Mr. J and I took a little mini vacation to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina last week.  It was marvelous.  Savannah is full of big house, town squares and lots of moss filled trees. 

I loved it.  Although it was cloudy most days, we still got out and about checking out all of the square parks throughout town. Our days consisted of eating and walking and then more eating.  Perfect schedule for a vacation.  We stayed in the historical district and didn't opt to rent a car for this portion of the trip. 

I will post about our eats tomorrow but one of the snacks we got was Leopold's Ice Cream.  Mr. J actually wanted coffee. I convinced him that the best coffee was at the ice cream shop. I got a little ice cream sample, Chocolate Chewies and Cream.  It is supposed to be the Savannah favorite, vanilla ice cream with chocolate chews and pecans.  

Next stop was Charleston.  The weather here was much more sunny. Unfortunately in order to get up to Charleston we had to get a car.  Parking in Charleston is  not fun.  There was always plenty of room when we wanted to park but you had to fork over the dollars to do so.  I am not fond of paying for parking all day long.

This half of the vacation we did more set touring.  First off was the ferry to Fort Sumter and tour.  The boat ride over was a bit chilly but great to see the city from the water view.  We saw cannon balls that were 200 years old at the fort.  I love hearing about history in the actual place of action.

In the evening we did a carriage ride to hear a history of the town and see all of the historical houses.  I didn't get any great photos boucing around in the carriage but I will tell you this, they are big and beautiful. I want them all. 

The last tour was Magnolia Plantation.  We did a walk around the gardens and the tram ride through the grounds. Even at a portion of the size it used to be the place was huge.  I love Gone with the Wind, and still dream about being a Southern Belle.  I day dreamed as we walked around.

The South has a beauty all unto itself.  I love going down to visit.  These are two gorgeous cities that I would definitely enjoy all over again.

In case you missed my other posts this week, here is a recap:


  1. are always on the move! I love that you get around so's fun to travel with you. :) Glad you had a wonderful and delicious trip. :)


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