Thursday, November 29, 2012

Elevation Burger Portland, Maine

It seems like burger places are all the rage right now.  After Thanksgiving, Mr. J and I were ready for something other than turkey.  My dad took full advantage of this by taking us out to lunch at one of his favorite new finds.

Elevation Burger is in Portland, Maine. Similar idea to Five Guys, Elevation Burger focuses on the highest quality ingredients.  They serve a signature burger with two patties.  I opted for one patty knowing that I was going to snag a shake.  They also allow burgers with up to 10 patties.  Each patty is 100% organic beef.  And they use potato buns.  Potato buns are amazing and certainly add to the burger.

Their shakes are three flavors: vanilla, chocolate, or coffee.  They then have a list of add ins to really entice you to ordering.  It worked for me and I got a chocolate with banana and Oreos.  It was so, so good.  I couldn't believe the flavor of the banana.

What else makes this place great?  Well, along with the shake add ins, they have tons of toppings for the burgers too.  Pretty much any eater will find something to please thier palate.  I had jalopenos, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and sauteed onions.  Mr. J loved the organic bacon.  Nice thick slices.

Finally, let's get to the fries.  Skinny fries fried in olive oil.  One size is enough to feed two.

For me, I could care less for the burger and more for the fries and shakes.  The whole package here is great and affordable.  I cannot wait to go back for more.

They have multiple locations so find one near you.


  1. I love that this is classic, junk-y burger joint food but better for you!! Ugghh I love Portland, Maine!!!

  2. Its 9am and all I want is a burger and chocolate shake right now. Thanks Emily.



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