Sunday, November 11, 2012

Weekend Edition: Season of Giving

Sataurday was gorgeous! Today is suppose to be even better with temperatures in the mid-sixties.  It is hard to believe we had 6 inches of snow on Wednesday. Even more difficult to grasp is the hurricane can was only 2 weeks ago.  For the most part our lives have moved on and are back to normal.  It is still shocking though to see the news of areas very near that are still suffering.  

Our local food bank put out a call for staples since a lot of their supplies were wiped out from hurricane needs.  We are both traveling this week and didn't need many groceries since we will be gone.  Instead of just having a week below our grocery budget, I shopped up to our typical weekly limited. I grabbed two full bags worth of items, all Brand name, all on sale, for very little after going through the weekly ads and cutting some coupons like I normally do. 

My mind this time of year is all about food. Planning the Thanksgiving day dinner is a highlight of my year.  I also love all of the baking done around Christmas.  I am fortunate never to have been without food and find it hard to believe so many Americans are still without the basics.

Please consider picking up a few extra items in the coming weeks to donate to a local pantry. 

And in case you missed it, this is what I have been up to this week:


  1. That's great, I am putting together my box for the SF food bank this weekend too! :) xo Kristi @ My San Francisco Kitchen


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