Monday, February 15, 2010

Vive la fromage!

I love cheese. I swear I could eat cheese and bread for the rest of my life and be happy. I remember many a day in France having bread and cheese for dinner cause we were too cheap to have anything better. Really deep down though it was what we wanted so it is hard to consider it being cheap. Anyway French cheese is real good and of course stinky. It is hard to replicate French cheese in the US due to some FDA rules about raw milk and pasteurization. However, I have come upon a yummy cheese at Whole Foods that puts up a fight for French cheese goodness.

It is called Fromage de mieux. ( I think. I feel like a cop-out but I threw the label away before I could get the correct name, this is very close though.) This translates into "cheese of better". So if my name is a bit off it is because I am internally making it what I want it to be - better cheese. So go out and try it. Leave it out to room temperature for about 3 hours before eating. This will make the room smell. It is well worth it though as the gooey texture is half of the goodness.

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