Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIAW on vacation...almost

Mr. J and I left for vacation on Monday.  The state of our apartment was a mess.  Christmas present buying, cleaning, packing, laundry.  So much needed to get done in a very little bit of time.  Somehow we managed to get out and make our flight without me freaking out too bad.

Breakfast was the best meal of the day. I should just have three breakfasts each day. Due to being in Maine for Thanksgiving and then leaving there was very limited food options.  I had frozen bananas blended with coconut milk, topped with granola.  Coffee.  Best. Meal. of the day.

Lunch was a burger from frozen meat patties, bag salad, and fried potatoes.   All of this was courtsey of Mr. J.  Dishes and all. I think he was buttering me up for unlimited spending on vacation.

Dessert was chocolates.  Always love a sweet treat to finish a meal. My mom gave us this little sample from Godiva at Thanksgiving. I had the dark chocolate, Mr. J had the milk.

I had packed all sorts of snacks to avoid airport food at all costs. For the most part it is disgusting and very expensive.  I have to eat it enough for work, on vacation it is not something I look forward to.  Once at the airport though all plans fell away and we ended up with some appetizers at a pub.

Do you pack snacks when traveling?

What is your favorite travel snack?


  1. I love that Godiva pack-I've had it quite a few times.

    Also-your breakfast sounds like it was AMAZINGG! You def. shouldve just had that three times

  2. Your breakfast looks delicious. It looks like my kinda breakie.

    Chocolates look good too. I love chocolate.

  3. All of your meals look delicious, especially your breakfast!

  4. I love salty snacks... followed by a sweet snack. I need to balance it or I feel a craving for one or the other. :) My hubby would love your burger lunch. :)

  5. Yes, I pack snacks when I travel because you never know when hunger strikes. :) When I'm on roadtrips I love stopping at Subway. My favorite travel snacks are mixed nuts, fruit (apples..) and protein bars.

  6. I usually pack a few pieces of fruit when we travel...but a little bag of granola sounds like a yummy idea (your breakfast has inspired me :))!


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