Sunday, September 28, 2014

New Windows

This weekend was quite the whirlwind. Both Mr. J and I were gone most of last week. That meant we had a stack of mail to go through, tons of laundry, much needed grocery shopping and just general pick up to be done.  I still don't know how a house can get dirty when no one is home.  Regardless, the in-laws also came to town Friday night. 

For the last month or so we have had 26 windows scattered throughout our basement and garage.  It was a little tight but more so than the lack of room I wanted the windows to go in because they were so pretty.  Back when we put in the front door we tested two new windows.  They were Ah-mazing to say the least. Clean, crisp, and very easy to open and close.  Knowing what was to come with the rest of the windows was more than I could take to wait for installation.

But installing 26 windows was not the only thing that got accomplished this weekend. We also cleared the front of bushes. bushes.  This took all of 10 minutes. 

Here is a picture of the other side of the house before we took the bushes out. They were super overgrown and too close to the house. We had debated about removing them for the last several months and kept delaying. Well, it doesn't take long trying to negotiate a tall latter over a bush before you realize if it is going to happen now is the time. So out came the bushes. You must know that this major decision making with a pregnant woman is not an easy task.

There is still some trim work to be done but you can see here all of the windows are in. They look simply gorgeous.  Mr. J is currently trying to convince me that we should go without the shutters. I like shutters. 

The men did so much work. I got tired just watching them.  No words can describe how happy I am with how everything turned out so far. 

What do you think? Should we keep the shutters or go without?

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  1. The house looks great!!! I so can't decide about yay or nay for the shutters though, I like both!


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