Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day

I hope all of the past, present and future mothers had a wonderful day yesterday. I love my mom and would always adamantly tout all the good things she has done for me over the years however it wasn't till this year, being a mom myself that I really truly can see everything she has given me and the sacrifices that came with those gifts.  Thank you Mom! 

Last year our little girl wasn't even a blurp on our radar. And here we are today and she is on my mind every second.  We had a great day together as a family. 

Dad made breakfast sandwiches at home. Our little girl is a sleeper for the most part. We didn't want to make plans that would involve waking her up. Thank goodness we didn't either because Sunday she slept right till 9 am. We did call the local breakfast spot when we could leave and the wait was 17 parties deep. No thank you.

Lunch was a picnic by the ocean with deli bought sandwiches. I had a massive chicken cutlet sub with fresh mozzarella and pesto. The weather was perfect for the ocean, sunny with a bit of breeze to stay cool. We went on a walk and relaxed at home. 

Dinner was dad made salmon, couscous and roasted carrots. Of course dessert was a big slice of chocolate cake. 

I couldn't have asked for a more special, enjoyable day. 


  1. Happy (belated) Mother's Day!!!!!!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!! Also very random...what brand is your car seat? I cannot for the life of me decide on a car seat stroller combo and will love some recommendations.

    1. We got the Bob's B-Safe car seat. The combo is the BOB Motion Travel System. We love the snap and go system and are super happy so far. I bought it at Kohl's with a 30% off coupon. They sell a lot of baby things that you wouldn't think about like cribs and have good deals. Any brand I wanted I would check if Kohl's had it first just in case and then wait for an email with a sale.


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