Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Culinary Institute of America

My current employment places me approximately 30 minutes away from the flagship campus in Hyde Park, NY. This makes it quite convenient to take full advantage of the 4 awesome restaurants on campus. A few months ago with visiting family members in tow, I took a first time visit to L'Escoffier, the most formal dining experience. Also giving my proclivity to all things French, I was in hog heaven. I highly recommend a visit to any of the restaurants at the CIA if you have an opportunity. The dinning experience is guaranteed to have great moments, awkward moments, and delicious food. L'Escoffier is quite the entertaining experience as well since many of the dishes include table side preparations. The students at the CIA are eager to serve and give as many recommendations and descriptions of all the dishes to share their knowledge. It is always nice to be in the company with others who can go on and on about food, cooking, and eating. The meals range in variety. Our table had a sampling of salmon, lamb, and beef. By far the favorite meal was the Chateaubriand. This was also sliced table side and finish was two different sauces and spring veggies. As my mom was part of this dinning party we could not leave without sampling the bananas foster on the menu. Those who know my mother are aware of her proclivity towards this desert. Many a times we have had this at home. The final product of our homemade attempts have also been more than edible and quite to par with most restaurants however the process of getting there has always been in question. For my mother, this experience was purely educational. Hopefully for my father's sake we will not replicate the flame height demonstrated at the restaurant.

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