Monday, June 29, 2009

Ode to avocado

There are certain foods that just make me feel better. I think most people have food infatuations but more commonly they are for chocolate or other sweets; I suppose I could throw in some salty foods for those potato chip, french fry lovers. For me, the avocado is the all time mood boosting power food.
In college I would go to the grocery store when I could not take one more meal in the dinning hall. I would stroll up and down the aisle searching and craving for the perfect food that would satisfy my hunger. More often then not I would end up in the produce section hunting for the just ripe avocado. For those who regular get avocados from the store you know that typically they are bought still firm. You let them rest gently at room temperature for a few days as they ripen and then wham...PERFECTION. These college days were not so leisurely. I needed this soften texture the minute I picked up the fruit. Not the easiest task but I would patiently work my way through the entire stack, inevitably dropping a few as the pile shifted weight, to find just the right feel. I would go back to my dorm room with the precious treasure. Spoon in hand I could consume the entire avocado, savoring each bit as I mashed the green filling with my tongue. Gross I know, but also so delicious. Just thinking about how people consume kiwis - cutting the kiwi in half and then using a spoon to go around the skin and scoop out the inside. If you can do it with kiwi, why not with an avocado?
Avocados are the best accompaniment to so many dishes. It can be a healthy substitute for mayo on sandwiches (not that I ever need a substitute for mayo); it can be cube diced for salsa or salad, or also used for guacamole. I am resigned to acknowledge that after this blog most people will not go out and start eating plain avocados by spoon. But know that this creamy food can also be great mood lifter as well.

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