Wednesday, June 17, 2009


A few weekends ago was a trip into NYC to see an old friend. To end a perfectly wonderful day, I decided to try one of the newer, less expensive Mario Batali restuarants. His pizzeria opened several years ago and has made quite the impression since. I had a simple but delicious salad. The greens literally tasted like dirt - in a good way of course. I don't think I have ever has any so fresh that didn't come from my own garden. The main course was the classic Margarita pizza. This was also very delicious. The menu has mostly pizzas with a few pasta dishes as well to choose from. Salads, a nice cheese selection, and a large antipasta variety fill out the rest of the meni. To end the dining experience at Otto Enoteca Pizzeria you must try the gelato. It is simply divine. I had a threesome combination of Salty caramel, coconut, and creme fraiche. Altough an unusal combination I had to pick my all time favorite flavors. OK, I have never actually had creme fraiche gelato before or for that matter ever heard of creme fraiche flavored gelato. Can you imagine not getting a sample though after seeing that unique flavor as an option? It was better than I could have expected. If you ever are in NYC and have a chance to stop by Otto you must try this desert. Overall the food was well worth the somewhat strained time with lack in service. It makes me wonder how Babbo really is? Maybe soon enough I will be able to post about that one.

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