Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New cookbook, new recipe

I got this cookbook right before we moved. It was packed up and not looked at again till all of the boxes were unpacked. She write a blog which I had not heard of till I got the cookbook. She lives in Texas and is very witty. It is quite entertaining to read about her life on the ranch.

She also cooks and takes amazing photographs. I love cookbooks with pretty photos. And this one sure does have a lot of photos. This weekend for Sunday dinner I decided to try something new.

Pasta with Clam sauce

The dish was so simple and so delicious. I planned to make enough to have for lunch the next day but we ate it all the first night. I am not going to write out the recipe because you should go out and get The Pioneer Woman Cookbook for yourself. The recipe is rich and decadent. I even left out the cream. Jordan was impressed that I actually used the right amount of butter. I tend to cut that big time. And I probably will the next time I make it but it will still be very flavorful.

Everything just kind of melts in your mouth. There was lots of garlic, always a good thing in my book. And the cheese adds a creaminess to the sauce. Hence why it was so delicious even without using cream in the sauce. The whole thing took about 15 minutes from start to finish. There was no need to have it be a Sunday dinner.

Look at that yummy goodness!

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  1. Love that you love it - but she lives in OK :) lol!


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