Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh what a weekend! Halibut dinner

Last week was just one of those weeks. Every time I finished some project or to-do I found myself with 10 more. Jordan and I were separated all week which always complicates things and throws me off of my groove. All though the physical aspects of the move were successful this week seems to have all of the ramifications of the move explode.

Our initial lease had the wrong apartment listed, so after changing mailing addresses, stopping utilities and starting new ones we realized it was wrong. So we did everything again. Let me tell you, this is no easy task. Hold music is not my friend and does not make me happy or patient. Luckily Jordan and I split these tasks fairly evenly - just enough to annoy us both. Last week however came the first week of bills, etc. for the new apartment. One bills are never fun and two, some of which still had the WRONG address. Not really wanting to deal with this our dining table just got piled with papers.
After a really really really long Friday, Saturday rolled around (at 2am Jordan and I were finally reunited). It was a bit of a slow morning but eventually we were able to be productive again. Things got organized, pictures got hung, and we turned down the hot water heat - Our 13 day bill for electricity was absolutely frightening.

When dinner rolled around the sleepiness hit us again. 2 am is not a time which I am frequently awake for and I hope I don't see it again in the near future. Anyway, we both had not had the best meals for the whole week so I wanted dinner to be special and homemade. Being on the shoreline means lots of fresh fish markets. I went to a local one and found so very pretty halibut. I don't think halibut is local but all the same that is what I picked up. Jordan sauteed it with a little salt and pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice.
I made a salad with some tomatoes and mozzarella. I have been using my basil plant and adding a few whole leaves to all of my salads. It is amazingly good and I love it! Dinner was a success and at 8pm I think it is time for bed!

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