Monday, July 19, 2010

Pretty Connecticut

Jordan found this cute little park on the water. He found it in the Connecticut state fishing guide or manual thingy they give to all people who register for a fishing license. Getting a fishing license was top priority in Jordan's book.
Apparently Connecticut catalogues all ponds, lakes, etc. across the state. You can browse by fish type, location and lots of many other great things you would want to know about fish. I don't fish so I don't know. I also don't really care but this is one topic that Jordan talks about an awful lot. you would think I would have learned some things here or there. I pay more attention when he talks about cooking the fish. But I do know the resources available in Connecticut are way better than in NY.

This little park is about a 10 minute ride from our apartment. There are picnic tables and a grassy area as well as marshes. I fully plan to come back with a nice book and food for an afternoon get away.
The rocks reminded me of Maine. And I love the saltwater smell. It was so peaceful here at dusk.

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