Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Staycaction Weekend

So our little staycation included a trip to Ikea. I am not a huge fan of Ikea. I found of of the things a bit modern for my traditional taste. I do love to explore the gigantic stores though. I am fascinated but the tiny mock rooms. I love the organizational racks and closets. Although there were a few things here or there that I wanted to get I swore I would buy no household items till after the wedding.

However there is one thing at Ikea I can never pass up. Lucky for me it is not a household item either so getting it was not breaking my rule. I have a sweet tooth, there is no denying that. I have good willpower though. I can normally turn down any sweet. The one thing that has always been more soft spot though is a cinnamon bun. If it is warm and you can smell the gooey cinnamony goodness, I cannot help myself. I will lean down with elbows out ready to defend my tasty treat.

Thus let me introduce you to the Ikea cinnamon bun. They warm and yummy, strategically placed right by the door. There is no avoiding it, not that you would ever want to. Before we even enter the door I warned Jordan we would have to stop before leaving to have one. He had yet to experience the Ikea cinnamon bun and thought it somewhat silly to wait in the line for one. The line didn't help me either because while waiting I realized instead of getting two for two dollars I could get a six-pack for four dollars. What a deal?!? The six pack was bought and promptly opened to give me the instant gratification I needed from this bun.

Boy was it good. I swear these are some of the best cinnamon buns I have ever eaten. The one problem with the six-pack is that they print the calorie and nutrition information right on the front. I really have a problem knowing what I am consuming. I am fairly knowledgeable about health. I know how to eat healthy but there are sometimes when I just don't want to and when I don't want to I don't appreciate the in my face how unhealthy I am being information. I did get over it though and had 3 of these delicious buns over the course of the weekend. My one word of advice if you plan on going running do not eat the bun beforehand. It will stay with you FOREVER and does not make running a pleasant experience.

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