Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is Jordan and I after one long Saturday. The weather was phenomenal this weekend. Sunny, warm but not too hot. It was a great time to be outside. Boy, was I outside a lot. It as great till I saw the tan lines. But I won't talk about that now, let's just say the beauty plan is not working out as easily as I had hope. I am having fun though so I am not going to complain.

Saturday afternoon we went to a BB&Q at some friends' house. It was a lovely time. There were lots of good people, cute doggies and fun games. Oh and I forgot the massive amounts of great food and good drink!
I really slacked with the picture taking till a bit too late. Everyone had already devoured most of the food and started in on the deserts before I got around to taking any pictures. Needless to say it was so delicious it went really fast!

My contribution was black bean and corn salad. This was a first time recipe and it looked good. It turned out amazing and I was so happy. I will say it looked a lot better at the beginning of the night when the bowl was full. I took the leftovers last night and made Mexican pizzas. It was by far the best Mexican pizzas Jordan and I have had. Each time we vary it up a little but these were amazing. It was a yummy quick meal before we headed out and about for wedding stuff. It seems these days the only time Jordan and I have together to relax are meal times.

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  1. AH! You missed the food! That's just desserts!


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