Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bethenny Getting Married?

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I feel like I have a long history with Bethenny. Way back in my college days I watched The Apprentice "Martha Stewart" version. I like Martha Stewart. I marvel at her craft skills, all of which I do no posses. And I love her cooking tips and recipes. Back in middle school I watched her show on school vacations and one year I even subscribed to her magazine. Anyway, when her Apprentice came out I made it a point to watch. One of the contestants was my favorite. That contestant was Bethenny. Soon college life got in the way of my TV watching and I was never really sure out the competition ended. I have since heard that she was the runner-up, don't quote me on that though.
Years later she showed up on the Housewives of New York series on Bravo. I was never really "into" this series but I have watched some episode here and there. I never really understood how Bethenny was considered a Housewife since she was not married and had no children. She was however, very entertaining to watch with her witty comments.
Again fast forward a few years, many more Housewives series have come out. Bethenny published many "skinny girl" books and branding things, and she started doing magazine articles and Today show appearances. Here I was following it all along. Then BAMB! She got a new series called Bethenny getting married? Now here I am getting married and I had to see this show. Granted it is on super late on Tuesday nights, so I watch it OnDemand on my own time. for about two episodes she was majorly freaking out about wedding plans. Granted she was 6 months pregnant too but I felt like she was living my life. Then I would get mad cause she had a high priced wedding planner and was still stressed. I do not.
Anyway the show is a hoot to watch. Now she has the baby so we will see how I relate now.

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