Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day of Errands

Yesterday was a day of running around collecting wedding things, and picking up people from the airport. My best friend is finally here. I cannot begin to say how exciting this is...she is in Germany so not only do I rarely get to see her, but it is also hard just to squeeze in a phone conversation.

For weeks now I have been wanting to try something I have read about...Coconut water. I have heard it is the perfect hangover cure, the best post-workout refresher, and over all healthy antioxidant packed drink. So far I have only seen variations of coconut water with fruit flavors. For the first time I was determined to have just plain ole 100% coconut water. It is always when you are least expecting something that it finds you. This was the case with this coconut water. I just happened to be in this little store and low and behold they had 6 different flavors including plain. I couldn't help but buy it up right away.

The bonus was that as busy as I was, I thought I could really reap the benefits of this supposed miracle drink. There are only 60 calories per box so it is not even bad for you. It was tasted like semi sweet water with a hint of coconut. I don't think I could have one say at every meal but it was a nice change from just regular water which is my stable drink. I cannot say that I have extra energy, better skin, or sharper brain powers but it was a nice treat. I hope to have more soon if I can ever find it again.

Tomorrow brings one more work trip before the wedding and a nice long vacation. I am seriously counting down the hours. Being in Maine means wedding mode has finally become reality.

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