Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Life on the road

I am on the longest work trip I have to take by car. All of the way up to St. Lawrence. According to Mapquest the time I get back to Connecticut tomorrow I would have been in a car for 15 some hours in the last three days. I hate driving and that is a lot of driving.

Tonight finds me in Syracuse. Oh Syracuse, I think it ranks somewhere in the middle for good and bad places to travel. I rank places to travel based on transportation method, food around the institution and hotel, and the accommodations. Transportation here is by car, when I am driving this is a big negative thus this trip it lowers the score. The Hampton here is middle ground. Last night we stayed in a brand new Hampton Inn in Watertown, NY. Accommodations were great but the food not so much. In Syracuse the hotel is situated right next to two very good restaurants. An Italian and a steakhouse. We picked the Steakhouse, Justin's Grille.

I have eaten here a couple of times but only with take-out. This was my first dine in experience. Well, the service was terrible and I will never go back. Thank goodness the food was delicious. The last thing you want to deal with when traveling for work is waiting for your food for over 30 minutes. When we asked what was up the waiter just blamed the kitchen and the process of putting the order in. This was after we watched him flirt with the hostess most of the night. Arg! I really hate bad service.

It would be hard for me to recommend a place after such an experience but the food really is delicious. I was planning on taking pictures but forgot the camera. The point the food finally arrived though I was not in the food to take pictures.

Justin's Grill


  1. Jon's driving 11 hours to maine and then 11 hours back next week!


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