Wednesday, July 3, 2013

{WIAW} Is it your Friday?

This post is just hard to write right now. I just finished up two whirlwind days of my annual company meeting.  The whole company gets together for lots of updates, dialogue and training. 

I am not the biggest social person so two days of non-stop people time is a bit overwhelming.  I was going to post what I ate during the meeting but I was extremely bad at taking pictures. Six meals later I only had one photo. Thus, here are some of our weekend eats....

Breakfast smoothie.  I didn't do much grocery shopping on the weekend knowing that Monday and Tuesday meals were covered.  I didn't have any spinach.  Sometimes it is nice to have a non-green breakfast. This was frozen bananas, berries and coconut milk.

We made homemade pizza for lunch one day.  Fresh mozzarella makes all the difference. It is just so good. Our basil plants are becoming bushes and I cannot think of enough things to do with it.  I have about four containers of pesto in the freezer already and it is just July.

Dinner was a bizarre beef stir-fry. The main flavor was citrus. The bizarre part was that it was served with noodles but also had potatoes.  Two starches.  Plus when have you ever had potatoes in stir-fry.  Never for me. 

Overall it was tasty but the potatoes and noodles were a bit much.  We were quite full after finishing our bowls.

Tomorrow we have off and I cannot wait for a bit of a break.   

What are your 4th of July plans?


  1. smoothies make the best breakfasts!

  2. Love love love smoothies! Happy 4th! :)

  3. The pizza looks yum!! No stop socializing...take a day to be unsocial... I like my alone time too. :)


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