Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Maple Dijon Salmon and WIAW

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. I really like cereal. There was a time in college that I had cereal for most meals. Most days. Not be cause I was on my own and poor but because the dining hall had tons of different options. Wonderful options that I mixed and matched for all meals. 

What I realized this morning is that when I eat my cereal with fruit I concentrate on getting an equal balance of fruit and cereal at once. One slice of banana with one piece of cereal. It makes me so happy when in the end I have the correct ratio left.  Is that strange?

Pizza!  I kind of feel like all my eats posts have pizza. We love pizza. Homemade pizza is an easy meal with lots of variety. We split this one in half because Mr. J wanted Canadian bacon. I did not. 

Dinner was this maple Dijon salmon. The recipe is so easy to put together and so good.  Every time we make the salmon I pair it with this arugula salad.  Maple. Maple. Maple.  I could eat this meal every night for dinner. 

What is your favorite way to make salmon?

Do you count your cereal bites? 

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  1. Mmmm... maple and Dijon for salmon. Gotta try that one. :) PS... the pizza look pretty tasty too. :)


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