Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WIAW: Using up leftovers

I think I am going to freak out if I hear anymore reports on the hot it humid it it is going to last.  It is miserable. And I am a lucky one with A/C.  Arg!

Breakfast for me has been all things cool and refreshing. I have been loading more ice than normal into my green smoothies in the morning.  This one was pretty banana, lots of spinach, ice, and coconut milk. 

Lunch was leftovers. I had made a pretty calzone over the weekend and this piece was left just for me.  The filling was chopped frozen spinach with onion, green peppers, and feta. I love red sauce. And I don't think a calzone is complete with out a little dipping sauce.

Dinner was amazing.  We sauteed some frozen shrimp seasoned with salt, pepper, and cayenne spice. Then we sauteed some onion, tomatoes, leftover grilled corn, and garlic.  Tossed it together and added some avocado.  Amazing! We have to make it again.  Not sure what to call it though?  Maybe a chunky shrimp salsa? A Mexican stir-fry?

What was your best meal this week?


  1. I think I'll pop over for dinner!!
    Mary x

  2. We're up in northern Wisconsin...nearly to Canada and on a lake...and it's 90 degrees here! I can't imagine what it's like south of here. We're doing a lot of grilling :)

  3. Using up leftovers is a big thing around my house too....that means I don't have to cook :)


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