Thursday, July 31, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me! ALMOST

In exactly 40 days I am going to be turning the big 3-0.  I am a huge fan of birthdays and typically celebrate all month long. This one being such a milestone and all I kind of thought that maybe, maybe it wouldn't be as fun.  But heck, it seems I am just as excited for this one as I have been for all other 29 years of my life. 

Now, I already have some big plans. I am going to make myself a cake but I have also set up a cake for the hubby to pick up on the actual day. Sure, this might seem overboard but I was happy to do it.  I like cake!

Normally my only other request for the day itself besides cake is that I do not do dishes. This pretty much means we go out or get take out. Either way works for me and we never do anything too special or fancy. 

As for gifts, well I am not expecting too much. Its more of the idea of a day being about me than the actually presents.  But of course, that mindset has not stopped me from eyeing some pretty things here and there. I wouldn't be too upset if a few ended up in my possession come September 10th. 

So here we go...a few of my favorite wants right now!

Mosaic Triangles Jewelry Box

My jewelry box is from the 1980's. No joke. Now I have a big girl house, and a few big girl jewelry pieces I kind of think it is fitting to get a big girl jewelry box. 


I live in ballet flats. I think I own one pair of heals and I am not  even sure if they still fit. I heard these are the best of the best. I want some!

Seriously Delish

One of my favorite blogs is coming out with a cookbook. I have been trying to cutback on the whole cookbook purchasing but this is one I am definitely owning a copy of....

Speaking of which I want this one too!

Dishtowels...I want this one

and this one 

this one.

And last but not least this little sugar pot.

Happy Birthday to Me....ALMOST!


  1. Happy almost birthday! I really wish that you get Joy's cookbook (i love her!), I turn 22 this weekend and I wish I could get all the baking cookbooks in the world :-) Have fun.

  2. You need to celebrate #30 for at least a month! And now I have to head over to Crate and Barrel to get one of those utensil dish towels. Can I blame you if the hubby gives me a hard time??? There is NO shortage of kitchen linens around here ;)

  3. yayyyy birthday comingggggggg :P and love the sugar pot most of all!

  4. Wow... 30!! I wish I could say that. :) Happy almost birthday to you... hope you get all your dream for your birthday. :)


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